Razzle Dazzle Collection

"These are no stripes!"    "Ce ne sont pas des rayures! "

I never thought I could actually pull off something so figure hugging! Let alone with stripes! Then, amazingly, in Cecile Thieulin’s studio in Paris, here I was, looking like a million-dollar. A proper, bona fide cool, modern, hot, damn-me-sexy woman. It is also – magic apart! – amazingly comfortable to wear - the sort of cashmere-jumper-on-a-cool-evening feel... I’m no vain girl, I’m not beauty obsessed. But I do love fashion, the metamorphoses that happens in you when you wear something truly cool. Hail to Simone Simon! We want more!
— Parisian, Art Lover and Maman of Two.
                                                         © Photo credit : Pierre Monetta

                                                         © Photo credit : Pierre Monetta

First collection from Parisian designer and architect Cecile Thieulin, the Razzle Dazzle Collection has France stamped at its heart and within its fabric (classic French jersey). It celebrates the timeless pattern of black and white, and is designed to celebrate shapeliness and femininity through its perfect counterpart, graphic lines and masculinity.
It was inspired by camouflage techniques invented by the navy forces. By using irregular lines and contrasted colors, military designers protected ships from artillery shootings and torpedoes. The use of complex line and stripe structure modified the form of the targeted ship, thus rendering it invisible from its enemies!

Cécile Thieulin has used the same visual techniques, only this time to sublime the woman's silhouette. Dressed in Razzle Dazzle, shapes are erased, camouflaged, only to appear at their best, strongest and sexiest, as the design emphasizes waste, shoulders, bottom and bust. 

© Photos credit : Pierre Monetta - Thomas Pirel - Julien Vallon - Cécile Thieulin